Winona is a character created by Coie.
God Of World, Winons


Winona is the God of World. She created many, many things, such as a city, the whole world, and even possibly helped with the Universe. She has co-workers named Dark, Light, Super, Licky, and possibly many more. She is the creator of Angelica and Devilina, basically like a mother to them. Angelica and Devilina are based on Winona's heart, half of which both are theirs. Angelica is the good part, and Devilina is the evil part. She is the person who takes on Person's computer and controls most of the whole thing.

Winona's Biology

She was made together with Light, Dark, Super, and Licky. She was made out of many different universes. She was made next to Light & Dark, and she then had to work in a factory to get her powers and many more just like some of the others. Her factory work was to create more stickmen and create the world. She was the one who had all the power, since she always got straight A's on her factory work.

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