Good Meta is a character created by Meta.

She usually hangs around Coie or Toshi when they are doing random stuff, like bullying Hre or eating food. Her short nickname is GMeta. She lives in Doshi Heaven, where all of the angels live.

She has a halo like all the angels do. She also has wings, like no other angel has for some random reason. She always is happy unless something goes wrong.

Home & Biology Edit

Her heaven house is light blue, mostly like her color. Her usual attire is pretty much light blue clothing.

Meta's real depiction of GMeta's biology:

GMeta lived with her sister, EMeta. They were the only ones in the house, since their parents had gone away. GMeta and EMeta were people who took missions, which they had done right that time. GMeta alone had to take the mission. EMeta tried to save GMeta the trouble of dying since she knew the mission was dangerous. So GMeta had gotten killed by her sister. Since EMeta had killed GMeta, EMeta had an unknown cause of death for some reason. She, EMeta, then had her title of Evil and went to Hell. GMeta, on the other hand, was sent to Heaven, since she had done nothing wrong.


GMeta's House

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