Coie is a character created by Coie.

Coie is the friend of Toshi. He is one of the main RP characters that Tea and Coie use to RP with every time they do. He mostly hangs out with Toshi, but some of the time he hangs with GMeta and Loshi, too. Coie severely dislikes Hre and Hoshi, which they have used to bully him and Toshi. He has turned their back on them and now is currently bullying them at this time.

Coie's Biology Edit

He had been made of stardust. His original creator was named Coie, which she named this RPC after herself before she had exploded. He is now in the hands of Person, based on a real person creating a file called Coie.png. He had always been a portable network graphic file, but after Person finished his college courses, he learned how to make him real and have its own AI. The pink RP character now roams the GNom household.

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